Taking portraits of over 120 team members in one day




Moelis & Company is a global independent investment bank that provides financial advisory services to corporations, governments, and financial sponsors. The firm advises on strategic decisions such as mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations and restructurings and other corporate finance matters.


Our team NYHeadshots is proud to be the trusted photographers of many major companies. Moelis and Co. is one of our longest standing clients. On their largest photo day, the challenge is to take photos of over 120 Moelis team members in less than 5 hours while meeting our exacting standards for quality. We don’t rush the process. We work with each person and help them open up to the camera. The directions and conversations we have allow us to capture the best expression. Each person gets to see their images and choose their favorite. They receive their photos on the spot. This means – seamless work of the photo team: 3 photographers and 5 assistants, working as a well-oiled machine. Like the Avengers.


A new collection of images added to the company website. 3 photo studios were set up the company office early in the morning. We made sure every person is happy with their images. The project was done by 3pm. Images were retouched, formatted and published on the company website within a week.