Come Well Rested

On camera we want you to look fresh and full of energy. It’s not a good idea to stay up late the night before. Instead get some rest. We want you to shine and look your best.

Hair and Skin

Please do your best at preparing yourself to look sharp. Make sure your face is washed and hydrated with an organic cream. If you are allergic – please don’t try anything new. A fresh haircut or a blowout would do wonders.

What to Wear

Appearance is key. Consider this an opportunity to upgrade your look. Treat yourself to a new shirt, jacket, designer glasses. When you’re preparing, ask yourself about the general attire of people in your line of work. What kind of image do you want to portray? In spite of Covid and all the remote work – the more professional the look, the better.

Jackets photograph well, but a solid color blouse or a sweater could be just fine. Make sure to bring your make-up and a hairbrush for touchups. Matte lipstick is better than gloss. Mascara helps to highlight the eyes. Getting a haircut or blowing your hair in a salon before your session will make a big difference. Try to stay away from the sleeveless or short sleeve shirts as well as turtlenecks. Shirts with a low cut may get cropped out in some angles.

We recommend dark blue or black suits. A tie would look great even if you normally don’t wear it. Solid colors are better for pictures. Make sure all clothes are clean and ironed. Clean shave or a beard trim is essential. Try to do it right before your session. Please bring your hairbrush for touchups.